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  1. Call (423) 775-6078 to schedule an appointment during the following hours: Monday-Friday (8 AM-4 PM)

  2. Find the exact location of the new structure and bring that information to your appointment.

  3. Fill out the required Address Verification Forms, provided at your appointment.

How To Obtain A 911 Address:

Street Naming & Addressing Policy

The County-Wide Street Naming and Addressing Policies are establish standards for naming roadways, posting street signs, and assigning address numbers to all homes, businesses, and industrial sites; and to assist emergency service agencies, the United States Postal Service, and the public in the timely and efficient provision of services to residents and businesses of Rhea County.

The primary goal of this policy is to provide emergency service agencies with a complete set of addresses, so that emergency victims can be located with the greatest of efficiency. Goals include:

  • To improve the quality of life for residents of Rhea County through easier delivery of mail and services.

  • To project a positive and progressive image to residents, prospective residents, and developers, and

  • To promote the local tourist industry by making it easier for visitors to locate attractions in Rhea County.

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